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Being Pro-Life on Campus

Posted in Life on: March 28th, 2011
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Standing for life at your college campus is not easy. But more students are coming together, and they’re turning back the tide. Check out what Students for Life is doing:

Via Speak Up University Blog

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Who’s in Charge?

Posted in Life on: March 25th, 2011
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This week, I had the opportunity to testify in support of a strike-everything amendment for SB 1169.* In effect, what this bill will do is clarify that the Board of Nursing, which was created by the state Legislature to provide rules and regulations for Arizona’s nurses, is subject to the authority of the Legislature.

This seems like common sense – like an employer clarifying that he is in charge of his employees. But, unfortunately, this is necessary after the Board made a ruling that nurse practitioners could perform surgical abortions, even though state law already says they cannot. Based on the Board’s unlawful ruling, the Arizona Nurses’ Association has filed a brief in court arguing that the court should strike down the state law.

The Legislature has made several laws that prohibit non-doctors from performing abortions because of the importance of protecting the health and safety of women in Arizona. The first was passed in 1999 as part of regulations after Lou Anne Herron died in an Arizona abortion clinic. Two additional specific laws were passed in 2009 in response to the Board of Nursing’s contrary ruling. At least forty-one other states have similar laws.

SB 1169 is simply reasserting the Legislature’s authority over this issue in light of the argument the nurses are making in court. The Legislature is clarfiying who is really in charge.

After I spoke in favor of the bill, Planned Parenthood rolled out their tired talking points, that abortion is “safe” and that this bill was “anti-woman.” Of course that ignores the obvious fact that the sponsor is a woman and many of its most ardent supporters are women (like me) who care deeply about the harm that abortion does to women. I encourage you to view the comments of several of the representatives on the committee who did a great job of explaining why this bill is necessary and why Planned Parenthood’s attacks are completely irrelevant.

*A strike-everything amendment adds entirely new text to a bill, often on a different subject than the original bill.

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For the Record: CBS Missed the Point

Posted in Marriage & Family on: March 25th, 2011
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Children do best with a mom and a dad.

This is not news to most people, and when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The social science data only confirms this, which is why CAP is supporting SB 1188.

Apparently, accuracy on this issue isn’t enough for some of the media. They prefer to sensationalize opponents’ talking points. The favorite arguments are that this bill will stop single adults from adopting children, or that this is about stopping homosexuals from adopting.

But if you were to take a minute to read the bill, you’d see neither of these assertions are true. Nothing in this bill addresses homosexual adults adopting children. Nothing in this bill prohibits single individuals from adopting children.

Here’s what the bill does: It requires agencies placing children for adoption to place the child in the home best meeting the child’s emotional, safety, physical, social, and mental health needs, and consider “relevant factors” for placement that include (in no particular order):

1. Marital status.

2. The child’s birth parents’ wishes.

3. Whether the child has a pre-existing relationship with a single adult, including family members, foster parents, or family friends.

4. Whether the adult has the ability to financially provide for the child.

5. The placement of the child’s siblings.

Then, the bill says that, if all these factors are equal and the choice is between a married man and woman or a single individual, then the child should be placed with the married man and woman.

In committee testimony, Dr. Gary Auxier – a pediatrician for over 30 years – pointed out that all the studies he sees shows that children do best in an intact home led by a married mom and dad. The data is clear. In a 2006 study published in the William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal titled “Bringing Up Baby: Adoption Marriage, and the Best Interests of the Child,” Brad Wilcox and Robin Wilson said “Children appear most likely to thrive socially, emotionally, and educationally when they are reared in an intact or adoptive family headed by a married couple.”

CBS decided to skip this data and the facts, and went with this instead.

For the Record:

• Again, SB 1188 will not stop singles from adopting, it simply provides children the best opportunity to have a mom and a dad.

• In situations where the child has been placed with a single individual serving as a foster parent, then that single individual will be able to adopt the child. SB 1188 clearly says that a relevant factor to be consider is whether the child has a healthy, meaningful relationship already with a single individual.

• SB 1188 is not about homosexual adoption. If we decided to promote legislation to prohibit homosexual adoption, we would clearly state in the bill that same-sex individuals or couples could not adopt children in our state.

• This bill does not take away from the heroic work of single parents. It simply puts the best interest of the child before anything else. When all circumstances are equal, social science data shows that having a mom and a dad is what’s best for kids.

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You and Dr. Dobson

Posted in Life, Marriage & Family on: March 23rd, 2011
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Dr. Dobson will be in Phoenix in less than 2 weeks for the CAP Family Dinner.

Cathi sent out a note earlier this week talking about why this year’s event is going to be so significant for us.

“Without a doubt, one of Dr. Dobson’s most significant achievements comes from his critical role in establishing organizations like CAP, Alliance Defense Fund, and Family Research Council. It was Dr. Dobson’s visionary leadership that sparked the Family Policy Council movement more than 25 years ago. His vision for state-based groups addressing issues impacting the family led to the establishment of Center for Arizona Policy in 1995.”

Working at CAP, I’m well aware of Dr. Dobson’s work – how he is one of the driving forces behind the family movement and how he awakened so many of us to the need to engage in public policy. When I think about Dr. Dobson and I talk with friends about him, I’m amazed by how many testimonies have been impacted by his work.

Dr. Dobson impacted my testimony during college when my then girlfriend – now wife, Maria, attended the Focus on the Family Institute. I was still a young Christian at that time, and was coming to understand how becoming a Christ-follower radically changes the way you see the world.

Most nights, Maria and I would talk on the phone about what they discussed at the Institute that day. It was the first time someone presented to me (and I was willing to hear) the pro-life stance. The logic, love, and biblical base of what she was being taught was undeniable. Those late night conversations played a huge role in my getting involved in this movement and joining the CAP team.

CAP’s Development Manager Ann told me the story of her niece who loved reading Clubhouse Magazine – a publication by Focus on the Family – and was so excited when she got her picture in the “U-Send” section. Ann’s niece is the one in the upper left corner, talking about how she read the entire bible in two years – and yes, that is a replica of Jesus’ empty tomb made entirely of cake that she’s posing with.

I asked Ann and some other’s to share their stories about Dr. Dobson in this video. When you think of Dr. Dobson, what comes to mind? How has he, or one of the many ministries he’s sparked changed or impacted your life?

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ACTION ALERT: Ask Your Senator to Vote to Punish Predators Who Engage in Child Prostitution!

Posted in Marriage & Family on: March 23rd, 2011
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Your Senator will be voting very soon on a bill to strengthen laws against predators who sell children for sex. HB 2411 reestablishes an Arizona law requiring any adult found guilty of engaging in child prostitution to face consecutive sentencing.

When this bill was considered in the House of Representatives, it originally failed (29-29-2). After you responded to our Action Alert, it passed on a reconsideration vote (44-14-2). This bill needs your help once again!

Opponents of HB 2411 argue that judges should have the discretion to show leniency to offenders who are caught putting minors on the street as prostitutes. But there is no instance where these predators should be let off the hook, and your senator needs to hear that from you!


– Contact your legislator by clicking here. Let them know we must protect children who have been forced into sex slavery by strengthening penalties against any predator who engages in child prostitution.

– Forward this email to like-minded friends and family and encourage them to contact their legislator to stand up for HB 2411.

– Pray for the passage of this bill and for children across Arizona who are being raped for profit.


– HB 2411 reestablishes the standard for sentencing predators which was inadvertently removed in 2010. This bill does not institute any new requirements.

– Consecutive sentencing strengthens Arizona law to help law enforcement protect vulnerable children. Just as Arizona’s tough DUI laws deter drinking and driving, tough child prostitution laws will deter predators from engaging in child prostitution.

– No one who engages in child prostitution deserves leniency. HB 2411 ensures these predators face the strongest penalties possible for profiting from rape of children.

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