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CAP-supported Law Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court

Posted in Life on: October 21st, 2013
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Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with KPXQ’s Tom Brown regarding Arizona’s appeal of the Mother’s Health & Safety Act to the U.S. Supreme Court. Listen here:

Posted by Cathi Herrod

Cathi is President of Center for Arizona Policy. As a mom, lawyer and lifelong political junkie, Cathi's passion for the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and religious liberty stem from seeing how the culture impacts families, and how much public policy influences the culture.

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  1. Darlene Jenks says:

    Yes, it is so important to pray about this vital issue. Cathi is on top of what needs to be done regarding the abortion issue and the closing of abortion clinics. It is proven when the person/persons contemplating abortion get to see the ultrasound they decide not to go through with the abortion. Thank you Cathi.

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