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Posted in Life on: July 17th, 2014
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Eighteen year-old Tyler Kost has been indicted by the Pinal County Attorney on 27 counts of sexual assault and abuse. One of the young girls he raped in late 2013 was taken to the Tempe Planned Parenthood by her mother to obtain an abortion last January.

According to police reports, at the consultation, a Planned Parenthood counselor told the young girl and her mother that itwasn’t worth the hassle to report the rape to the authorities.

By law, Planned Parenthood is required to report this assault to authorities within 24 hours.

The indictment of Tyler Kost alleges that from the time Planned Parenthood intentionally did not report the rape, three other girls were raped and Kost sexually assaulted one other before he was arrested in May.

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Posted by Aaron Baer

Aaron is the Communications Director at Center for Arizona Policy. He is continually amazed by the revelation of truth found in the gospel. While he anxiously awaits seeing Christ return in His glory, Aaron roots for the Chicago Cubs in their quest to win the World Series. He is unsure which will come first.

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