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Man Knows Not His Time

Posted in Marriage & Family on: October 28th, 2011
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Yesterday I received the sad news that a dear ministry friend, Pastor Leo Godzich, passed away following a car accident while in Uganda to preach. I first met Leo twenty-five years ago when he was ministering to individuals suffering from AIDS. Through the years, Leo and I worked together on Arizona’s laws to establish a covenant marriage license, funding for marriage skills instruction, divorce reform, and Arizona’s state constitutional marriage amendment.

Leo and his wife Molly founded and led the National Association for Marriage Enhancement, a ministry dedicated to applying biblical principles to marriage. Leo dedicated his life to standing for God’s design for marriage between one man and one woman, first as a pastor, but also in the public policy arena. He was always available to testify on legislation or help lead the effort – whatever was needed, Leo was willing to serve and be used of God. Most recently, Leo provided valuable testimony on Arizona‚Äôs new CAP-supported law to offer couples seeking divorce an opportunity to reconcile. A longtime Sunday school leader at Phoenix First Assembly, only God knows how many married couples avoided divorce because of Leo’s teaching and ministry. Pray for his dear wife Molly and his three lovely daughters. As we work to strengthen marriage and reform divorce laws, I will miss the wisdom and leadership of this dear friend and co- laborer.



Posted by Cathi Herrod

Cathi is President of Center for Arizona Policy. As a mom, lawyer and lifelong political junkie, Cathi's passion for the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and religious liberty stem from seeing how the culture impacts families, and how much public policy influences the culture.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you Cathi for your post!
    Pastor Leo, was an amazing Man of God!!! A model husband, father, and godly leader. He impacted so many lives, God only knows the number of how many couples he inspired, transformed, and lead to unity and reconciliation in marriage. My heart and prayers go out to Molly & her girls during such an immense loss. My heart and prayers also go out to Leo Piano’s family who too suffered great loss of their beloved husband and father, who was at Pastor Leo’s side at such an untimely moment. My husband & I attended our first Together Forever weekend in Arizona in fall of 1996. We reside in California, and every year after we made it mandatory to set aside time to attend. Next we invited Pastor Leo & Molly to speak at our marriage retreat in Palm Springs, and not only did they show up, they turned the event out. What an awesome time in the Lord we all had that weekend. We watched our lives, and our ministry transform as we watched Pastor Leo & Molly transform into the N.A.M.E. organization over the subsequent years. WOW! What a testament to their hard work and dedicated service. He left behind a great legacy! We are truly saddened, and perplexed behind the passing of Pastor Leo. However, we rejoice in knowing Pastor Leo is with our Heavenly Father! May we all remember Pastor Leo’s God inspired teachings, and apply them to our lives!!!

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