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Center for Arizona Policy Surveys Candidates for Federal, State, and County Office

Posted in News on: May 31st, 2012
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Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) is sending over 200 surveys out today to candidates for federal, state, and county office to comprise CAP’s 2012 Voter Guide.

For 14 years, CAP has published the Voter Guide to provide voters with straightforward answers directly from the candidates. For many Arizona voters, the Guide has become their go-to resource during the election season.

The nonpartisan Guide reports how candidates responded to a 15-statement survey (13 for County). Candidates indicate whether they “Support” or “Oppose” each statement and are given the opportunity to include comments.

Responses will then be published in the printed Guide, and on Center for Arizona Policy does not grade or score candidate’s answers.

These are the surveys mailed today:

The Primary Election Voter Guide will be published in print and online in July, and distributed to businesses, organizations, bookstores and churches statewide.

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Posted by Aaron Baer

Aaron is the Communications Director at Center for Arizona Policy. He is continually amazed by the revelation of truth found in the gospel. While he anxiously awaits seeing Christ return in His glory, Aaron roots for the Chicago Cubs in their quest to win the World Series. He is unsure which will come first.

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  1. Jan Mead says:

    I would like a conservative truthful guide for voting.

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