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Why would anyone oppose these standards?

Posted in Life on: January 29th, 2014
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CAP President Cathi Herrod put it best this week when she went on NBC 12 with Mark Curtis to debate the new abortion clinic regulations that DHS released this week:

“This is not a pro-life or pro-choice issue. These are common sense regulations.”

The purpose of these provisions, which were a part of the 2012 Mother’s Health and Safety Act, sponsored by Sen. Kimberly Yee is simple: they are a step toward protecting women’s health and safety in Arizona. Regardless of where you stand on abortion, why would you oppose only dispensing the dangerous and deadly abortion pill in line with FDA protocol? Or why shouldn’t doctors who perform surgical abortions – which come with countless risks – have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals?


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14 Lives Matter

Posted in Life on: July 28th, 2011
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Holly Patterson had just celebrated her 18th birthday. The bright, energetic young woman who had just completed high school one year ahead of schedule had so much to live for.  After finding out she was pregnant, Holly and her boyfriend went to a local Planned Parenthood clinic where Holly was given abortion medication.  Over the next several days, Holly found herself in agony. With only pain pills and an anti-nausea drug to abate the symptoms of a growing and deadly infection, her health began to deteriorate. (more…)
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New Data on the Dangers of the Abortion Pill

Posted in Life on: May 12th, 2011
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Because of the simple fact that RU-486 (a medication that causes an abortion) is a pill, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry try to market it as a safer alternative to surgical abortion.

Throughout the legislative session, CAP presented legislators with research (like this), personal stories (like this), and experts (like this) that debunked this myth.

There is new data to add to this mounting pile of evidence about how dangerous this pill is. According to an audit of nearly 7000 women who had abortions in South Austrailia:

  • 3.3% of the women who had a medication abortion with RU-486 reported to an emergency room compared with 2.2% who used a surgical method
  • 5.7% of the women who had a medication abortion with RU-486 had to be re-admitted to hospitals compared with 0.4% of surgical abortion patients.

These little pills present serious threats to women’s health. To suggest otherwise or to try and diminish the dangers to women is irresponsible.

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