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Arizona School Choice Recap

Posted in Marriage & Family on: September 18th, 2013
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It has long been the view of Center for Arizona Policy that parents should have as many options as possible available to them for how to educate their children. After all, parents should have the fundamental right to direct the education and upbringing of their children.

Here are a few significant CAP-supported school choice bills signed into law this past session that further this mission:

School ChoiceSB 1363 – This legislation dealt with Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program. The ESA program was established in 2011 and provides monetary assistance to parents to be used for a variety of educational options in place of their child attending a traditional public school. Specifically, it focuses on students with the greatest need for educational options and the categories of students that are qualified students in schools or school districts with an achievement profile grade of “D” or “F,” students previously participating in the Arizona Scholarships for Pupils Disabilities program, students in foster care who were adopted or who have a plan for permanent adoption, and children whose parents are in the United States military.

The first change that SB 1363 made to the ESA program was to allow those entering into kindergarten, who would otherwise be qualified for the program, to be eligible for the program. Prior to this change, a student was needlessly required to attend kindergarten before obtaining eligibility for the program.

The second change made by SB 1363 was to increase the funding available to parents in the ESA program. The importance of this change cannot be overstated because it increases the funding available for most ESAs from $3,800 to $5,400 per school year.

HB 2458 – This legislation also dealt with the ESA program and put into statute key anti-fraud provisions in order to protect the program from abuse while also ensuring families still have the opportunity to utilize the school choice benefits of the program.

Both of these laws build on the successes of the legislature in recent years to expand educational options for Arizona parents. The impact of the ESA program is only starting to be realized, and it is the hope of Center for Arizona Policy that many more Arizona families can benefit from this groundbreaking program.

Center for Arizona Policy is committed to programs like the ESA program and the School Tuition Organization scholarships because children deserve to get the best education attainable and parents have the fundamental right to make the choices for their children’s education.

Watch my personal testimonial video on school choice. 


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Helping Arizona Families through Tax Credit Programs

Posted in Marriage & Family on: December 7th, 2012
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Center for Arizona Policy encourages Arizona taxpayers to consider four state income tax credits that help Arizona families. To take advantage of these credits, all you have to do is make a donation to a school tuition organization, a charity that serves low income citizens, and a public school district. Then, you can receive dollar-for-dollar credits on your state tax return for each of your donations.

Here is more information on each program:

Individual Tax Credits

l) Individual scholarship tax credit
Individuals may receive a tax credit of up to $503 and married couples may receive a credit of up to $1006 for donations to school tuition organizations (“STOs”). The STOs award scholarships to students whose parents have chosen to send them to a private school. Last year, this program provided over 25,000 scholarships to Arizona children.

CAP recommends Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization or TOPS for Kids.

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BREAKING NEWS: CAP Releases Family Issues Voting Record

Posted in News on: May 16th, 2012
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Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) released the Family Issues Voting Record today, reporting on how Arizona’s 90 state legislators voted on the issues of life, marriage and family, and religious liberty. (more…)

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Where the Critics Go Wrong on School Choice

Posted in Marriage & Family on: January 27th, 2012
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Education is on everyone’s mind at the Legislature this session.

Governor Brewer announced that improving education as a key part of her plans for 2012 when she said in her State of the State address that we will see “excellence and accountability in our education system.”

How do we achieve this high standard? The answer is simple – school choice.

Expanding school choice is the single best strategy for improving education for all children. (more…)

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Breaking News: Off the Waiting List – School Choice Bills Pass Through the Senate, Onto the House

Posted in Marriage & Family, News on: January 19th, 2012
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Moments ago, two school choice bills were passed by the Arizona State Senate by a vote of 19-9-1.

Arizona’s robust school choice programs have been an undeniable success, opening the doors of educational opportunities to tens of thousands of families. Yet the need for scholarships for students to attend the school of their parents’ choice remains great, with thousands of students sitting on waiting lists. (more…)

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